Tim Morrison's vision of Esquimalt

Our Esquimalt

"We choose to live in Esquimalt because we value our community and our people.

We are all fortunate to be related by our residence and to make our home in the 'place of the shoaling waters'. 

We are eclectic and engaged. And together, we care deeply for how our community is governed. 

We embrace a positive future that maintains affordability, celebrates community and ensures livability." 

- Esquimalt Councillor Tim Morrison

Tim's priorities for Esquimalt

Councillor Tim Morrison’s priorities are addressing AFFORDABILITY, celebrating COMMUNITY and ensuring LIVABILITY.

Tim’s proven leadership will continue to move Esquimalt forward.                                     Tim Morrison listens. Tim Morrison leads. 

Affordability - Community - Livability


Affordable home ownership by providing property tax relief through careful budgeting, long-term financial planning and respecting taxpayers in all decision-making.


Community planning with carefully managed growth suitable for Esquimalt and engaging with each of Esquimalt’s distinct neighbourhoods on local neighbourhood design guidelines.


Livable, safe streets and addressing traffic congestion. Investing in our infrastructure with safer sidewalks, crosswalks, cycling lanes, and better public transit options.

Affordable housing measures by working cooperatively across governments and with developers to ensure our community has homes for all income levels.

Community improvement through Esquimalt’s ongoing economic revitalization and attracting new, quality businesses including shops, cafes, restaurants, medical services and technology sector employment.

Livable outdoor spaces, natural parks, trails and playing fields; well maintained and open for a variety of leisure, health and sports activities.

Affordable services and amenities including our parks and recreation being accessible to all at the lowest possible prices with the highest possible quality.

Community celebrations and gathering places with support for food security and our Esquimalt Farmers Market as well as supporting our Township Community Arts Council and the many entertaining events that they provide.

Livable, green planning focussed on environmental stewardship, addressing climate change and protecting our ecosystems and coastline.


Tim Morrison's proven leadership for Esquimalt is based on his extensive experience in delivering great successes for our community.