Tim Morrison is a Councillor THAT Delivers!

Getting the job done

Tim Morrison is currently completing his second term as an Esquimalt Councillor. His focus has been on community engagement and community improvement. 

During this past term, Tim worked with his Council colleagues to champion our strategic priorities -- which have included health and liveability, relationships with our neighbours, a diverse economic environment, and sound financial management.

Together, we share these notable achievements:

Esquimalt Village Project to transform Esquimalt 

In the previous election, Tim made a firm commitment to make the Esquimalt Village project a reality. The current council has focused on delivering this important part of Esquimalt’s revitalization with great success. Today, it is being built and on track for completion by 2020.  

Once completed, this central location behind Municipal Hall will be transformed into the new Esquimalt Town Centre, providing much needed housing with two condominium buildings and two apartment buildings along with many new commercial units such as offices, cafes, shops and restaurants. Designed by the highly regarded architect, Franc D’Ambrosio, the project also includes a new library, an Art-Walk pathway, gardens with a central courtyard and public events space.  

Council has also secured the adjacent southwest property along the 1200-block of Esquimalt Road to serve as Phase 2 of the project with plans for a new storefront police station, additional housing and commercial units.  

Promoting economic development 

Throughout his two terms on Council, Tim has been focussed on promoting the revitalization of Esquimalt.   

During Tim's first term, Esquimalt completed our Economic Development Roundtables, which gathered input from a variety of community sectors on opportunities as well as obstacles for future economic development. The result was a grassroots Esquimalt Economic Development Strategy based on expertise, community engagement and a positive future for Esquimalt. 

During his second term, the opportunities have become reality. Here are just some of the examples:

  • Aragon’s multi-million dollar investment in the new Esquimalt Town Square with construction currently underway 
  • Aragon’s multi-million dollar investment in the English Inn property with new quality housing on the way as well as a major renovation to Esquimalt’s renowned boutique hotel.  
  • Tenfold’s multi-million dollar investment in the West Bay Quay with quality housing and commercial mixed uses, resulting from the neighbourhood’s grassroots-driven West Bay Design Guidelines. 
  • Standing Stone’s multi-million dollar investment in a highly innovative, environmentally green multi-family development project at Constance Avenue & Admirals Road 
  • New quality multi-family residential developments along Esquimalt Road (Verde Living) and Lampson Street (Saxon Townhomes)  
  • GMC Properties’ multi-million dollar conversion of the Craigflower Road Econolodge into Portage West, creating much needed quality family apartments along the Gorge waterfront.  
  • A newly developed Legion on the way with much needed quality seniors housing 
  • New notable commercial establishments including Red Barn Market and the Tudor House Store.

Responsible financial management & property tax relief 

Affordability has been reaching crisis levels. People are greatly struggling to maintain a home and pay the bills. Tim understands this challenge and has worked diligently to keep costs down. 

During Tim’s first term, he championed careful budgeting that held Esquimalt property tax increases to 0% for three consecutive years. For his second term, tax increases have been continually kept low, generally in line with the Consumer Price Index cost of living increases.  

In comparison to all other B.C. municipalities, seven years of no or low property tax increases are very rare. Not only did Esquimalt balance its budget with healthy contingencies and surpluses these past seven years, but we also ensured that there is no reduction to our community’s services, amenities, and important infrastructure maintenance schedules. In fact, our smart financial planning has allowed us to both expand our services and implement some major projects.  

As a result of this due diligence, Esquimalt is in excellent fiscal shape with available funding in place to invest in continuous community improvement. 

A new Esquimalt Adventure Park  

Families recognize the value of living and playing in Esquimalt. Our community has rapidly become the choice for young families, known for our kid-friendly initiatives.   

Tim recognizes that our community’s growth comes from fostering a positive, healthy place for children and youth.   

With that in mind, Council has built the new and wildly popular Esquimalt Adventure Park, adjacent to the Esquimalt Recreation Centre. Complete with outdoor water sports, playgrounds, picnic areas, fitness equipment and washroom/change room facilities. 

First opened in 2017, it has been getting rave reviews from kids (and adults) of all ages.   

A new Official Community Plan (OCP) focussed on addressing the housing crisis

In recent years, the availability and cost of housing within our region has reached crisis levels. Tim is very concerned and has advocated for increasing our housing supply to more adequately meet the demand of all demographics.   

Whether you are a young family trying to buy your first home, a single student in need of a studio unit along bus routes, or an empty nester senior wanting to downsize into a new condo while staying within the community, Tim has heard your voices.   

Together, with the community’s valued input, Council has adopted a new Official Community Plan that allows for an increased variety of housing stock to be added to our community. Esquimalt residents want their children and grandchildren to have the same opportunity to live in our great community and our new OCP will help with making that dream more possible.  

A new community vibrancy to being in Esquimalt  

Esquimalt is very much the place to be with some wonderful events put on by our community’s amazing volunteers and with the vital support of Esquimalt Council. 

As a Councillor, Tim has consistently advocated for these community groups and he views them as essential aspects of our positive quality of life that greatly deserve financial and organizational support.  

In addition to the long-standing traditions of Buccaneer Days and the Celebration of Lights, we have seen the growing success of our community’s events and vibrancy. This is largely due to the commitment of Esquimalt’s grassroots volunteer groups including the award-winning Esquimalt Farmers’ Market and their frequent venues of local, healthy food and entertainment; the Township Community Arts Council (TCAC) and their many offerings of cultural events & entertainment; and the internationally recognized Esquimalt Rib Fest.   

A new $17-million community amenities fund for Esquimalt  

Tim always works with Esquimalt’s best interests in mind, ensuring that Esquimalt is treated fairly within the region. To that end, Council successfully negotiated an unprecedented deal whereby the Capital Regional District (CRD) are required to provide Esquimalt with a $17-million community amenities fund.   

These amenity funds will be used in three key areas: parks, recreation buildings and spaces, and emergency services. This money belongs to the residents of Esquimalt and will be spent according to your wishes. Council has been engaging the community throughout 2018 to gather input on options for the use of these funds within each of the three identified areas.   

These funds are essential to Council’s ongoing commitment and efforts for continuous community improvement.  

A better, safer Admirals Road  

Together with Esquimalt Road, Admirals Road is one of our community’s main routes used by thousands of commuters each day. Council was able to secure grant funding for a complete overhaul of this arterial road, giving it a much needed ‘face lift’ with a safer, more efficient design including the addition of bike lanes for more multimodal transportation options that benefit both our environment and our health.   

Similar improvements are also now being considered for Lampson and Lyall streets.   

An award-winning green community exceeding its Climate Action Charter goals 

Tim and his Council colleagues have a proven record in caring for our environment with real action and results.   

For six consecutive years, the Township of Esquimalt has been awarded status as a leading BC Climate Action Community for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  

As a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, Esquimalt Council has been taking action towards achieving carbon neutrality in respect to municipal operations; measuring and reporting on the community’s GHG emissions profile; and creating a complete, compact, and more energy-efficient community.

Honouring our heritage at Fort Macaulay  

As part of the Canada 150 celebrations in 2017, Esquimalt did some major restorations and secured federal funding to install new historic interpretative signage for both local residents and visitors to explore Fort Macaulay in their walks through scenic Macaulay Point Park.   

Important to our military heritage, Fort Macaulay is a coastal defence fortress built in 1895 by the Royal Engineers. Many of the original buildings and structures on the site remain largely intact, providing a treasure trove of heritage for all to enjoy.    

In addition to celebrating our heritage, the new signage serves as a tourist attraction as part of our community tourism development strategies.

What's Next For Esquimalt?

An engaged community moves forward together...

Councillor Tim Morrison cares deeply about the future of Esquimalt. Seeking his third term on Council, Tim has the experience, the knowledge, the vision and the plan to achieve even more for our great community. Together with Tim, we'll move forward.